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CPD Webinars

  • How to ask questions that stimulate deep thinking - A webinar by Peter Worley

    Webinar: How to ask questions that stimulate deep thinking

  • masterclass-davis

    Webinar: The sonic classroom – Using sound to motivate, engage and inspire creative writing

  • masterclass-sonia

    Webinar: SEND Reform – Is it working?

  • masterclass-walsh-1

    Webinar: Creative practicals in the new GCSE science curriculum

  • masterclass-higgins-2

    Webinar: How to use evidence to support disadvantaged students – Meta-cognition and self-regulation



  • SENT Pack

    SENT KS2-3

  • SENT-R


  • Think Like a Learner

    Think Like a Learner

  • 9781904806677

    Myself As a Learner Scale 8-16+: Analysing self-perception

  • WIGL

    What is Good Leadership? (WIGL)



  • School Leadership Today Cover

    School Leadership Service

  • PDT17.3_COVER__141-200

    Professional Development Today

  • Learning Spaces

    Learning Spaces

  • ECJ_5.1Cover

    Every Child Service

  • el-update_60_cover

    E-Learning Service


Latest in Assessment

  • Annual Primary Tests All Years

    Annual Primary Assessments – Complete Set

    Sale! £300.00 £255.00
  • annual_primary_test_assessment_pack_(Year 4)

    Annual Primary Assessment – Year 4 Master Pack

  • CTL6_1_Cover

    Creative Teaching and Learning Service

  • Think Like a Learner

    Think Like a Learner: Bumper pack of 100 books

  • Think Like a Learner

    Think Like a Learner: Class pack of 30 books