Annual Primary Assessments

These progress checks will give teachers a good knowledge of the depth of understanding that pupils have achieved by the end of the year. Available for Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5, the assessments are based on the prescribed objectives for their age in the National Curriculum covering Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

They also help pupils gain confidence in sitting formal tests, such as SATs. Teachers will be able to use the the results of these assessments to plan ahead, exactly where each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

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  • Annual Primary Tests All Years

    Annual Primary Assessments – Complete Set

  • Annual Primary Tests Year 1 pack

    Annual Primary Assessment – Year 1 Master Pack

  • Annual Primary Tests Year 3 test pack

    Annual Primary Assessment – Year 3 Master Pack

  • annual_primary_test_assessment_pack_(Year 4)

    Annual Primary Assessment – Year 4 Master Pack

  • Annual Primary Tests Year 5 test pack

    Annual Primary Assessments – Year 5 Master Pack


Showing all 5 results