Climbing Frames Pupil Progress Tracker

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Assessing pupil progress under the new National Curriculum

Is a replacement for the now defunct National Curriculum levels. By Sue Hackman – the former Chief Adviser on School Standards at the DfE between 2006-2013

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You can also download a resource pack on the Climbing Frames website. The pack contains a PowerPoint presentation about how the tool will help you measure progress, samples of some of the different subject frames and a review from Cambridgeshire's Active Learning Trust, which currently uses the tool in their schools.

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Climbing Frames covers the whole of the new curriculum, from maths, science and English, to modern languages and computing.

The toolkit comprises a complete set of subject assessment frames and record sheets designed to support ongoing assessment of pupils in each subject.

The frames are thorough, detailed and cover both primary and secondary phases. In fact, one of the pack’s strengths is that it will help you smoothly manage transition pupils.

Climbing Frames will enable your school to:

  • Provide a record of attainment and progress on a regular basis
  • Identify and support students who are on, below or above trajectory to succeed.
  • Allow for local adaptation so you can exert your own particular priorities or juggle content into different years.
  • Create thorough, actionable progress data using an integrated paper and digital system

The assessment frames are organised in strands defined by the new National Curriculum, and arranged across years to increase the level of challenge or depth, and to put learning into a logical order.

Importantly, this scheme uses three steps in each year, approximating to one step each term. This allows closer scrutiny of progress and keeps a strong focus on keeping up with the current year’s objectives. The paper edition of Climbing Frames will launch in November 2014, with the web-based app version following in January 2015.

The Climbing Frames digital app enables you to create pupil assessments using iPads, and store data on a secure, bespoke school Data Centre that can also be access through your PC/laptop. As well as giving your staff a digital option for entering assessment data, crucially, it will enable you to create in-depth, comprehensive data and analysis.

This will give you a powerful tool to help your middle leaders track progress across their departments and the SLT to track and analyse pupil progress across the whole school.

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Assessment frames
Notes on the individual subject frames
English frame
Mathematics frame
Science frame
Art and design frame
Citizenship frame
Computing frame
Design and technology (D&T) frame
Geography frame
History frame
Languages frame
Music frame
Physical Education (PE) frame

Records (Primary – KS1 and 2)
1. Pupil record sheet (English)
2. Pupil record sheet (Mathematics)
3. Pupil record sheet (Science)
4. Pupil record sheet (Art and design)
5. Pupil record sheet (Computing)
6. Pupil record sheet (Design and
7. Pupil record sheet (Geography)
8. Pupil record sheet (History)
9. Pupil record sheet (Modern
10. Pupil record sheet (Music)
11. Pupil record sheet (Physical
12. Snapshot pupil report
13. Teacher’s class list
14. Class attainment summary
15. Class progress summary
16. Class progress chart
17. Pupil checklist
18. Cohort attainment summary
19. Cohort progress summary

Records (Secondary – KS3)
1. Pupil record sheet (English)
2. Pupil record sheet (Mathematics)
3. Pupil record sheet (Science)
4. Pupil record sheet (Art and design)
5. Pupils record sheet (Citizenship)
6. Pupil record sheet (Computing)
7. Pupil record sheet (Design and
8. Pupil record sheet (Geography)
9. Pupil record sheet (History)
10. Pupil record sheet (Modern
11. Pupil record sheet (Music)
12. Pupil record sheet (Physical
13. Snapshot pupil report
14. Teacher’s class list
15. Class attainment summary
16. Class progress summary
17. Class progress chart
18. Pupil checklist
19. Cohort attainment summary
20. Cohort progress summary



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