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Learning Spaces is a specialised education design journal that looks at how educational establishments are attempting to improve their environments for learning.

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Using exciting case studies of new and refurbished schools, colleges and universities, Learning Spaces looks at the most creative attempts to match design with new developments in teaching and learning.

Now in association with A4LE, the Association for Learning Environments, our key mission is to give staff and students – the users – more say over design and development.

You can now purchase printed copies of  back issues.

OUT NOW: In issue 4.2 – Summer 2018

Engage Empower Enrich
Freemans Bay School in New Zealand is leading the way in implementing the government’s ‘innovative spaces’ learning strategy. Terry White shows us how an effective, learner-led curriculum strategy can be fully supported using imaginative architecture.

The Dutch School Where Everyone Works
Workers and co-workers: the integral components of Holland’s ‘The Workplace’ (yes, some of you might still call it a school). Here, Mie Guldbaek Broens of consultants, explains how they created and continue to develop their unique educational model.

A Leap Of Faith
For the last 15 years, Anne Knock has had the opportunity to visit many schools in different parts of the world. Her professional focus is the future of learning and learning environments. Here she explains how she feels that shift will push us towards team teaching and what that means for the learning spaces in which they teach.

A Hub Of Creativity And Innovation
The topic of educational change – whether it be new math, teaching cursive, or how many books to keep in the library – seems to reoccur. How can we find a way forward without losing what was so valuable and successful in the past? Brad Leeper and Kerry Weig of INVISION explain.

Small and mighty: a micro-school mini-revolution
This is a story of how a little revolution emerging at the peripheries of the education debate is turning assumptions about what it takes to start a school on their head.

Write Wipe Write Wipe
As dry-wipe surfaces regain and even grow in popularity in learning settings, we look at what makes a good surface, and what doesn’t as well as the constraints of each solution.

Washrooms For All
Open plan, all-inclusive washrooms are becoming the norm in modern schools. Here, Jory Debenham reports on why they’re important for schools and what aspects are crucial for school leaders as they create more modern, student-friendly spaces.

Catholic Taste In Learning Space Design 
“Forget a quadrangle for the school fete or assemblies” tempted St Luke’s Catholic College in New South Wales when it revealed plans for its new school at Marsden Park. Instead, their buildings were designed first and foremost for learning. Here, Greg Whitby and his team reflect on the influences and reasons behind their decisions.

Back Chat
From TV programmes showing folk learning to dance, bake, or even ski-jump, to companies now describing themselves as Learning Organisations, our world has gone learning crazy; that is a Very Good Thing

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