Learning Without Limits


Using Art to Create Critical and Creative Thinking
By Tony Hurlin

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Learning Without Limits explains how to challenge and involve children of all abilities by teaching the key skills of critical and creative thinking through paintings, pictures and prints.

Suitable for children at Key Stage 3-4, but adaptable for Key Stage 2

Format: Mixed media pack
Includes a whole school licence so you can place it on your virtual learning environment!


The components of Learning Without Limits have been designed as a practical coaching pack that helps teachers and children understand and apply the core principles of critical and creative thinking. It is most suitable for use in the Art, English, PSHE or Media Studies classroom.

Some pictures work with some children and some don’t. Pictures that speak to children capture their interest immediately. They invite the children to explore personal connections or disconnections with the themes in the painting, to contrast the familiar with the unfamiliar and to see things from a different viewpoint.

Learning Without Limits has been created through looking at the practical experiences of teachers seeking to foster critical and creative thinking abilities in all their pupils, involving your children in the core processes of learning.

  • Encourage exploratory talking and thinking
  • Help children formulate their own questions
  • Build confidence in making judgements, taking decisions & making choices
  • Identifying and developing lines of enquiry
  • Start the processes of critical and creative thinking

The pack contains seven full colour laminated A4 images and a 94 page teacher’s handbook and CD with suggestions and guidance for working with these images with children in the classroom. Images include: A Street in Clitheroe by L S Lowry, My Parents by David Hockney and Soft Watch by Savadore Dali amongst others. The images on the CD can be viewed together with a variety of questions, on a whiteboard and presented to the class for group discussion.

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