How To Be An Olympic Athlete


Whatever your student’s size, interests or abilities, there is a sport, game or activity for everyone!

Using these innovative and informative activities, maps, pictures, facts, fill-ins, quizzes, tips and more, students will learn about the history, traditions and dedication that surround the Olympics, and will also learn how to harness their potential – and perhaps realise their dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.

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By Pat Tompkins

Revised Edition 2008

This book has six parts, which revolve around the ideas of:

  • Learning the history and traditions of the Games
  • Teaching readers ways to test their skills
  • Exploring the many different sports people play
  • Informing readers of ways to improve their fitness
  • Understanding the role of food in fitness
  • realising the importance of mental training in sport
  • Experiencing the Olympic Games

Above all, this book constantly reinforces to readers the importance of being a ‘try-athlete’– having a go and having fun!

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