Playscripts for Primary Schools

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By Suzanne Brown

Moving beyond the traditional end-of-year or Christmas production, Suzanne Brown shows that working together with variously sized groups of pupils is a valuable curricular activity.


Producing a play can be a very rewarding and valuable experience for teachers and children, and most schools try to make time in an already over-crowded curriculum for an end-of-term production. This book will help to make the task of putting a production together easier.

The play scripts can be used for many purposes:

  • To reinforce or introduce history topics
  • For Mother’s Day
  • For preparing children for transfer to secondary school
  • As a way of opening up discussion on equal opportunities
  • For group writing exercises
  • To build co-operation and problem-solving skills

A curriculum-planning grid shows how teachers can use the plays to support national curriculum coverage in a way that engages children’s attention and brings the curriculum to life. The play scripts can be customised to suit individual schools and location, and to include opportunity for improvisation, an invaluable skill that is difficult to teach.

Format: Paperback
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114 pages

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