Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egyptians Project Plan


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A range of teaching activities and learning resources based around the life and times of Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh and one of history’s greatest discoveries – Tutankhamun. By Jane Jones and the team at Creative Teaching and Learning

Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egyptians Project Plan includes instructions, activity sheets, information factsheets, research resources and images to support the lesson plans and activities, suitable for Key Stages 2-3.

See the description and project overview below for more information.

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When Howard Carter opened Tutankhamun’s tomb, he could not have imagined the world’s media would descend upon the Valley of the Kings and report on the untold riches that were found. The contents of the tomb told people more about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians than any other discovery.

The opening of the tomb was quickly followed by the death of Lord Carnarvon. This also excited interest and a media frenzy followed leading to the birth of the Tutankhamun curse.

Whether or not there is a curse interests people of all ages today. Is the curse a myth or fact, albeit a bacterial one? This provides the backdrop for a thinking skills topic that engages children from the minute they start to read of the discovery of the tomb and gives them the impetus to learn in a dynamic way.

This engaging cross curriculum project allows pupils to explore the mysteries of the Ancient Egyptians, starting with the discovery of Tutankhamun, and moving on to explore the ways the Ancient Egyptians lived.

There are ten activities in this cross-curriculum project plan covering English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, ICT and Design & Technology.

Project Overview

‘Who was Tutankhamun?’ text
Did opening up the tomb of Tutankhamun really unleash a killer curse on Howard Carter and his team of unsuspecting archaeologists? Find out in this question-led text examining the dramatic discovery of the young pharaoh and his treasures. Available as both pdf (found in ‘Project Plan: Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egyptians’) and as a separate word document (formatted to make mass printing easier and more cost effective).


Activity 1: Time capsule
Activity 2: Anticipation guide
Activity 3: Ancient Egypt timeline
Activity 4: Temperature graphs
Activity 5: Sahara food web
Activity 6: How did the Egyptians move
sandstone blocks to build pyramids?
Activity 7: Egyptian maths
Activity 8: Creatures of the Sahara (formerly ‘Creative thinking’)
Activity 9: Egyptian board games – Creating an order
Activity 10: Storytelling


Exploring Ancient Egypt
Websites and online resources to bring a long lost civilisation back to life in your own classroom.


The resource packs that accompany each activity include detailed instructions, worksheets, information factsheets, research resources, images and more.


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