The Middle Ages Project Plan


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Besiege a castle, examine the evidence for a real-life Robin Hood, and avoid the curse of the Black Death with a range of cross-curricular activities and resources based around life and legend in the Middle Ages. By Jane Jones and the team at Creative Teaching and Learning

The Middle Ages brings to mind a time of knights in armour, banquets, chivalry, wandering minstrels, damsels in distress and pageantry. True, this was part of the Middle Ages, but they were also a time of tumultuous change, resulting in one of the most turbulent periods in history.

The Mysteries of the Middle Ages Project Plan includes instructions, activity sheets, information factsheets, research resources and images to support the lesson plans and activities. Suitable for Key Stages 2 & 3

See the description and project overview below for more information.

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The Middle Ages or Medieval times saw society change in a way that was revolutionary in itself. The Black Death changed the structure of society forever and saw the beginning of the rise of the peasant class. It also changed the geography, not just of Britain, but the whole world, as villages and towns were wiped off the map.

The Middle Ages also saw the Normans become the royal house of England. As a result, the Saxons were removed from places of prominence and the political face of the country changed. Castles were built to help the Normans retain control of the country. Communities formed around the castle for both safety and defence.

Many of the myths, legends and fairy tales we tell today originated in medieval times, and often, it’s very difficult to work out where fact and fiction collide. What is real history, and what is purely legend? The Middle Ages and all its mysteries, therefore, have great potential for investigation and development across the whole curriculum.

This downloadable cross curriculum project begins with a number of medieval myths, including Robin Hood and an array of mythical monsters, before moving on to factual aspects of life in the Middle Ages – from medieval castles to crime and punishment.

Project Overview

‘The Winter Cabin’ text
A traditional story from Russia similar to the tales told by travelling storytellers in Medieval times. Available both as pdf (found in ‘Project Plan: Mysteries of the Middle Ages’) and as a separate word document (formatted to make mass printing easier and more cost effective).


Activity 1: Time Capsule
Activity 2: Reading the text
Activity 3: Robin Hood, fact or fiction?
Activity 4: Creating a bestiary
Activity 5: Medieval maths
Activity 6: Medieval castles
Activity 7: Crime and punishment
Activity 8: Riddle me this
Activity 9: Portraits and pictures
Activity 10: Diseases and their cures
Activity 11: Heraldry


Myths and legends
A range of exciting online resources to help get your students interested in the fantastical world of myths, legends, fairytales and folklore.


The resource packs that accompany each activity include detailed instructions, worksheets, information factsheets, research resources, images and more.


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