Webinar: Facilitating an Open Question Mindset


In this Masterclass webinar, Peter Worley, co-founder of The Philosophy Foundation, explains how to ask the sorts of questions that take children’s thinking further.

This webinar explores a selection of practical questioning strategies that can be used in any lesson, at any time, to encourage philosophical thinking in children. The strategies Peter shares will help teachers elicit formal arguments and structured thinking from even very young children, so that pupils can enter into genuine critical and evaluative dialogue.

This is a recording of a webinar that has already taken place.


Whether it’s making connections, seeing controversies or building on the ideas of others, the questioning strategies Peter shares in this webinar can be used by any teacher, in any lesson, at any time, to encourage deeper thinking! And, of course, the aim of any teacher is to create independent thinkers and learners; in these sessions, Peter also explores when it’s time for teachers to take a step back and let learners take the lead.

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About Peter Worley

Peter Worley is a teacher, philosopher and author. He is co-founder and CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, and an award-winning author and editor of eight books on philosophy in schools. He is resident philosopher at six primary schools, running weekly sessions with children and training teachers. For more information, visit: philosophy-foundation.org.


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1 review for Webinar: Facilitating an Open Question Mindset

  1. Magda Teixeira

    This webinar is an excellent resource for all those who are P4C practitioners, for it systematizes some of the most important tools that one can use for starting and maintaining a philosophical discussion in a community of inquiry. I think it is a good complement to the reading of Worley’s books and papers since he talks about the philosophical tools that he has developed during the past years. All the examples that Worley mentions are also very valuable because it allows viewers to actually see the practical relevance of his points.

    Magda Teixeira

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