Learning Games 2


By Helen Edge and Chris Wragg

This photocopiable pack of games is designed to be a natural progression leading on from the Early Learning Games pack. It is intended that children from Year 2 to Year 7 could use these games depending on their level of ability and sophistication.

It is through purposeful play that a child develops not only intellectually but in confidence and self-esteem.

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108 pages

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Learning Games 2 is a valuable collection of fun-filled games intended to enhance children’s learning, depending on their level of ability. It contains ten different games that can be adapted to suit a variety of abilities, as well as helping children to cope with more complex rules. The flexibility of the games means that they can be adapted to many learning objectives.

It is intended that teachers can use the question cards to reinforce whatever concepts the children need to establish in whatever subject. As teachers become more familiar with the format, they can make their own games and rules and find a vast variety of questions to make learning fun!

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