Early Years Package


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Helping Young Children Recover Their Progress in Literacy, Maths and Listening Skills

These five tried, tested, and research approved resources can be used to help children most affected by the Covid-19 lockdown to recover their forward momentum in the key skills of maths, literacy and learning to listen.


Included in this package:

SALLEY Toolkit
Structured Activities for Language and Literacy in the Early Years

SALLEY is a complete programme, which can be used as a prevention measure in the early years or as an intervention programme with older children who are having difficulties developing phonological awareness skills.

Sandwell Early Numeracy Tests

SENT-R is for pupils aged 4-8 and SENT KS2-3 is to enable the assessment of older pupils experiencing difficulties with numbers suitable for pupils aged 8 to 14 years.

Target your teaching strategies at the exact needs of young children having difficulty with maths with this heavily researched resource.

It assesses pupils’ ability with numbers through five strands of basic number skills, Its test assessments enable teachers to assess a pupil’s ability with numbers, through exploring five strands of basic numeracy skills: identification, oral counting, value, object counting and language. And it identifies pupils with numeracy difficulties or SEN, and monitors the impact of teaching interventions on rate of progress

Listening Skills Early Years  and Maths Listening Skills Early Years

The Original Listening Skills Packs, and still the best!

The tasks in these books are designed for Reception class children and will help teachers to establish effective listening skills with children right from their first days in school.

Each of the photocopiable worksheets is accompanied by detailed step-by-step instructions for the teacher to read out, which the children then follow and act upon.

If purchased individually, the products in this Early Years Package would cost over £700.00. So take advantage of this special price of just £600.00 (inc vat) plus p&p!

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