ENABLE – Enhancing Attainment in Basic Literacy

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Enable will give your teaching assistants the skills and tools to significantly boost literacy for struggling readers.

This video-supported training programme is based on 10 years’ research and development by Sandwell Inclusion and has been shown to raise children’s reading ages by up to two years.

Enable is a small group literacy intervention programme that significantly helps primary school-aged children who are experiencing difficulties with comprehension, spelling and reading accuracy. It uses synthetic phonics and the acquisition of sight vocabulary to support pupils’ comprehension and fluency. It then embeds these skills by reading meaningful texts with the children.

Featured in Greg Brooks’ 2007 publication What Works for Children with Literacy Difficulties, Enable has been shown to increase significant gains in reading and spelling for children using the scheme.

Moreover it is now updated to conform to Letters and Sounds guidance.

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ENABLE helps struggling readers to:

  • Build their self-esteem and self-belief in becoming a reader
  • Discover the habit of reading of quality books
  • Learn context and prediction by questioning, discussing and re-telling the stories
  • Extend their sight vocabulary of high frequency words
  • Grow their vocabulary of high frequency words that can be written independently
  • Recognise by sight and say the sounds of all letters of the alphabet
  • Hear the sound of and write the correct letter symbol for all the letters of the alphabet
  • Read and write three/four letter phonetically regular words
  • Read and write some common digraphs
  • Compose and write simple sentences containing high frequency words and three/four letter phonetically regular words

Programme organisation

Enable focuses on small groups of 3-4 pupils who are all at a similar level of literacy development.

Each week the group will receive:

  • Two 30-minute support sessions
  • A 10-minute individual support session

Your pupils will benefit from Enable’s focus on learning in small groups, away from the pressures of the larger class. The teaching assistants will be able to see their efforts reaping real results, as they spend time using this proven literacy booster programme.

How Enable works

Enable uses explicit systematic instruction, based on scripted lesson plans. A key feature of Direct Instruction is the process of MODEL – LEAD – TEST – REVIEW. The lessons are delivered with pace and with efficient and systematic instruction so that pupils gain mastery of basic skills as soon as possible.

Your teaching assistants are too important to waste, so why not release their full potential and help them to seriously support children with reading difficulties. You’ll be able to transform not only the children’s school lives, but also your school’s overall performance!

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Additional information

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Product Overview

Enable is:

  • A small group literacy intervention programme
  • Delivered by support staff
  • Based on strategies that research shows are effective
  • proven to lift childrens’ reading age and ability by two years

Each pack contains:

  • Ring binder with full training instructions for teachers and TAs
  • Training DVD with PowerPoint and videoed interventions
  • Word Banks to support Phonics skills
  • Record of Progress sheets to model and support the reading of quality books


  • Enhancing attainment in basic literary
  • Enhancing attainment in basic literary


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