Minibeasts Project Plan


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A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the Minibeasts topic for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2.

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Minibeasts are simply small animals: spiders, snails, slugs, beetles, centipedes, worms, earwigs, caterpillars – and thousands of other types of minibeast that exist all over the world. Officially, minibeasts are called invertebrates, which are animals without a backbone, and these are the most numerous type of animal in the world. In Britain alone there are over 25,000 species of known invertebrates.


Some people regard most ‘creepy crawlies’ simply as ugly nuisances and, indeed, some of them can be pests and spread diseases. However, all invertebrates are a very important part of life in the habitat in which they live.


This series of cross curriculum projects provides comprehensive resources and an array of background notes, mini project plans, photo pages and activity sheets to engage children in learning literacy, numeracy, science, geography, art & design and design & technology through the theme of minibeasts.

Project Overview

Minibeasts Literacy Project Plans
Dictionary Work (Key Stage 2)
Limericks (Key Stage 2+)
Letter Writing (Key Stages 1 and 2)
Notes and Sentences (Key Stage2)
Fact Sheets (Key Stage 2+)
Ugly Bug Ball (All Key Stages)
Butterfly Books (All Key Stages)


Minibeasts Numeracy Project Plans
Ladybird Maths (Foundation and Key Stage 1+)
Minibeasts Data (Key Stages 1 and 2
Pond Maths (Key Stages 1 and 2)
Measuring Minibeasts (Key Stage 2+)
Minibeast Symmetry (Key Stage 2+)
Shapely Scorpions (Key Stage 2+)


Minibeasts Science Project Plans
Metamorphosis Mobile (Key Stage 1)
Horrid Habitats (Key Stage 2+)
Food to Grow On (Key Stage 2)


Minibeasts Geography Project Plans
Terrific Termites (Key Stage 2)


Minibeasts Art & Design Project Plans
Minibeast Inkblots (Foundation and Key Stage 1)
Minibeast Puppets (Key Stage 1 and 2)


Minibeasts Design & Technology Project Plans
Revolting Recipes (All Key Stages)
Scorpion Spinners (Key Stages 1 and 2)


Is it a minibeast? poster


The resource packs that accompany each activity include detailed instructions, worksheets, information factsheets, research resources, images and more.


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