Practical Everyday Number – 1


By Sandra Lloyd

Format: Paperback
210 x 297mm
80 pages

Book 1: Activities based on numbers 0 to 5.

The activities in this series target practical ways of using and applying maths skills for early years, to everyday situations.


In line with early learning goals, the fun activities will prove an excellent inspiration for parents and teachers alike. They have an emphasis on gaining first-hand experience through play and activities – not worksheets.
Areas covered include:

  1. Number recognition and counting activities
  2. Games, stories, songs and rhymes to reinforce new skills
  3. Ways we use numbers in our everyday environment
  4. Ideas to develop maths language, problem-solving and estimating skills

Following the theme of number in books 1 and 2, book 3 moves onto concepts such as matching, sorting and sequencing, weights and measures whilst the emphasis still remains on practical number skills. These resources are ideal for teachers to photocopy, and for parents to try the activities with their children at home.

Book 1: Activities for Numbers 0 to 5
Book 2: Activities for Numbers 6 to 10
Book 3: Using and Applying Maths Skills

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