Sandwell Early Numeracy Test-Revised

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By Chris Arnold, Phil Bowen, Moira Tallents and Bob Walden

SENT–R is a one-to-one assessment that enables teachers to assess children’s ability with numbers. The test covers attainments from National Curriculum Level P6 to Level 2A and can be used with children aged between four and eight. It is also appropriate for use with older children whose performance in numeracy is well below average for their age group.

Also available: The Sandwell Early Numeracy Test – KS2-3 – suitable for pupils aged 8-14 years.


The test explores five strands of basic number skills:

1. Identification of numbers
2. Oral counting
3. Value/computation
4. Object counting
5. Language

SENT-R takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete and provides the teacher with a standard score, age equivalent and percentile rank.

Recommended by the DES and the Every Child Counts programme, SENT-R is hugely popular with schools and early years practitioners.

Every Child Counts describes the Sandwell Early Numeracy Test as an ‘Essential Teacher Resource’ to be used as a standardised baseline test to establish children’s levels of numeracy at the start and end of their programme, and to monitor children’s progress throughout. The assessment is now used within schools in most local authorities.

SENT-R enables practitioners to assess children’s ability with numbers. Designed for use with children from ages 4 years – 7 years 11 months, it explores five strands of basic numeracy skills: identification, oral counting, value, object counting and language, and provides a baseline of a pupil’s number skills. It is particularly useful in helping to identify targets for pupils who are having difficulties with numeracy up to Key Stage Two.

The two parallel tests allow for the monitoring of progress every three months and there is an online marking tool for easy analysis. SENT-R is easy to administer and enjoyable for the children. Images in the test book are engaging and relate to tasks in every day activities. Any member of the school staff who has some basic training can use the tests.

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