Spot On


Planning a Programme of Precision Teaching
Compiled by Ruth Rowley
Illustrations by Daniel McEntee

Precision teaching is a valuable strategy to complement other teaching methods; it is a precise method of monitoring a structured teaching programme.

Using games to practice key skills, this book provides all the background, explanation and teaching resources needed to set up precision teaching in the classroom, focusing in particular on helping to develop basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Spot On includes a selection of photocopiable speed sheets – timed tests to measure performance.



Which skills will Precision Teaching help to increase?

Precision teaching can be used to help a child increase any skill provided that it is broken down into small enough steps to ensure success for that child and that appropriate practice items are supplied.

All children can learn. The most important thing is to supply the right conditions for that learning to take place.

Both motivating and enjoyable for children ‘Spot On’ helps to raise children’s self esteem.

Foundation – KS1

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