Towards Handwriting

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By Lynne Burns, Margaret Carter, Jenny Eaden, June Perry, Pat Scott, Margaret Trigg, Pat Wilkes and Jessie Woods

Learning to write clearly is an integral part of developing literacy. Mastering the skills of handwriting can be particularly problematic for some children.

This book provides sixteen progressive activities designed to help children practise the individual skills needed for progress towards good handwriting.


Through a series of photocopiable activities, Towards Handwriting aims to enable children to begin to form letters with some control over the size, shape and orientation of letters or lines of writing.

The book explores dexterity of hand movements, beginning with simple hand tasks, from throwing and catching a ball, to holding a pencil correctly. Further activities follows on with drawing lines, curves, colouring within shapes, use of scissors, tracing and copying all letter shapes.

A complete alphabet of practice sheets for individual ‘Rainbow Letter’ formation, show the starting and finishing place. Using a coloured pen children can trace over the letter shapes, writing with a different colour each time and practice until they can remember the shape… hence ‘Rainbow Letters’!

Teachers can easily assess children at each level and use these photocopiable worksheets to reinforce skills. This is a highly effective and practical classroom resource.

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