A Course for Gifted Thinkers – Book 2


A course which introduces and teaches creative and applied thinking skills

By David Stephenson

Educators such as Edward de Bono maintain that Creative Thinking is a skill that can be taught and developed.

Book 1 Yr 2-3
Book 2 Yr 4-5
Book 3 Yr 6+

Format: Paperback with CD
210 x 297 mm
46 pages


The activities within these books provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice creative thinking skills in interesting and stimulating situations. Challenges range from redesigning shoes to describing a world where ants are the size of cats.

The activities introduce students to the skills of fluency, flexibility, orginality, elaboration, curiosity, complexity, risk taking and imagination. There are four activities for each skill with notes for teachers on each. This enables students to gain confidence and ability in each skill before using them together to address creative challenges surrounding a theme. Includes contents CD for easy printing and whiteboard use.

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