Integrated Themes – Frogs


The Titanic – Integrated Themes
By Barbara Maxwell a

Format: Paperback with CD
210 x 297 mm
44 pages
This is an interesting and fascinating look at frogs across all curriculum areas but with a strong focus on Technology.

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The range of activities also incorporates the range of learning styles – visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic. This high interest theme can be developed on its own or incorporated into your existing unit. Other curriculum areas covered are English, Maths, Science, Art and Geography.

The activities encourage students to work independently and teach them skills that can be used in other areas. A variety of research resources are incorporated such as posters, videos, books, Internet, PowerPoint, audiocassettes etc. The book also contains templates for teacher evaluation and assessment sheet templates for pupils to assess and review their own work.
This unit is multi-level and caters for students from Year 3-6, making it ideal for a multi-level class situation. It has the flexibility for students to work at their own level while developing and extending their skills.

This unit can be completed on the activity sheets or using presentation software programs.

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