Integrated Themes – Insects


Insects, Spiders and Other Small Animals
By Lisa Berry
Format: Paperback with CD
210 x 297 mm
42 pages

This book is an integrated theme unit on insects, spiders and other small animals suitable for the primary level classroom.

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The activities cover aspects of Science, English, Maths, History, PSHE and Art but science concepts related to living things are the major curriculum focus in this unit. The activities can be used as supplementary activities for a science unit or as part of the literacy or mathematics programme.

The National Curriculum links and the Specific Learning Objectives are detailed in a grid. This reference identifies the link to the curriculum and the expected learning outcome for each activity page. The hard work is done – think of the saving on your time! Students are fascinated by living things and these activities will encourage them to learn more about the animals in their backyard and parks.

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