A4LE Live Event: Katrinedals School Copenhagen


Thursday 23rd May 2019 in Copenhagen from 08:00 – 16:00.

Join us for the first of the Learning Spaces Live Events to be held outside of the UK as part of the
A4LE UK-Europe Network,  and become an Associate member for 12 months.

Benefits include:

  • Free attendance to our other regional Learning Spaces Live Events – London, Birmingham
  • 12 months access to Learning Spaces magazine – print & online
  • Opportunities to contribute articles and features to Learning Spaces magazine
  • The opportunity to attend Designing Spaces for Future Focused Schools – the A4LE National
    one day design conference in London on 14th June 2019

Find out about the benefits of becoming a full A4LE UK-Europe Member here


We will be sharing our experiences of the day at Katrinedals Skole through video recordings agreed with the
school and those attending. Click HERE to see a short video taken as part of a recent event in London.

All Learning Spaces Live Events are distinctive in that they:

  • Are live at the host School/Institute to observe and explore current practice first-hand.
  • Are led by the host School/Institute to explain their values, ethos and approach to learning
    and teaching.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between pedagogy and space and the design of the learning
    environments to improve outcomes.
  • Provide a practical inquiry approach facilitated by the A4LE UK-Europe and leading
    international educators and design professionals.
  • Promote informed debate for all those attending.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities in partnership with A4LE UK-Europe 2019 Events in
    Copenhagen, London and Birmingham.