Comprehension from Context – Book 2


Comprehensive questions and cloze activities to test students understanding

By Graeme and Jane Beals

Book 2 KS2 Yr 3/5
47 pages

Format: Paperback plus CD
210 x 297mm

Comprehension from Context is a three book series covering the years 1 through to 6.


The series uses two methods to evaluate the reader’s overall understanding of each of the stories, which are wide and varied including fiction and non-fiction.
Firstly students complete the cloze exercise by using a list of given words to complete the text. Reading strategies such as context clues, syntactic and semantic skills and word recognition are developed as students select the correct word to write into each gap so the story ‘makes sense’.
Once the story is complete, students read the story in full and answer the comprehension questions, which test understanding at three levels of difficulty: literal, inferential and evaluative. Evaluative and inferential questions require the reader to think beyond the words picking up subtle clues that are not immediately obvious and some questions have more than one answer!

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