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Why Pop Culture Needs to be a Part of STEM Education
Zombies, Harry Potter and Disney fairytales are inspiring STEM thinking in innovative classrooms. Dr Edward Kang & Amy Schwartzbach share some of their approaches.

Changing the World with Science 
Giving students real-world problems to solve is a great way to boost engagement and bring out their inner problem solvers. Darren Harman shows how a science initiative is inspiring students to make positive environmental changes.

Maths That Make You Smile 
Not all teachers or students love maths, but Deborah Peart thinks that it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some strategies and approaches that can help bring smiles to students’ faces.

Cultivating a Culture of Thinking 
Jeff Watson and Roger Winn show how to create a culture of thinking in Maths and Chemistry as a way of improving student engagement and creating independent thinkers.

Shaping Reality with the Language of Thinking
Philosophers have believed for centuries that language is a reflection of our thinking capacity. Erika Lusky shows how changing the words we use with students can shift their perceptions of themselves and alter an entire classroom culture.

Framing Learning as a Social Endeavour
Julie Rains shows how collaborative activities and reflective practices are cementing feelings of accomplishment and allowing students to value themselves and others.

SOLO Taxonomy for Deepening the Learning Journey
Can depth of student knowledge ever really be secure? Heather Clements shows how a method based on observed learning outcomes can help teachers and students retain concepts and manage true progressive learning.

Valuing the Art of Handwriting
How can we support development of children’s creativity and ability to express themselves fully? Dr Jane Medwell shows how activities involving handwriting can boost brain development and stimulate children’s expressive abilities.

Composing Coherently – Inspiring Independence in Writing 
How can students learn to write clear and well-structured prose? Wendy Morton outlines the requirements of the national curriculum with some strategies for bringing out the best in student compositions.

Running with the Ball – Improving Literacy through Sport
Is there any hope for reluctant readers? Jim Sells at the National Literacy Trust offers resources for inspiring literacy through football-themed activities.

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