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From Zero to Fifty: Marking a Half-Century of Project Zero’s Impact in Education
From developing arts-based education to understanding the nature of creativity, intelligence, thinking and learning, Project Zero has changed what we know about human potential and educational practices. Director Daniel Gray Wilson highlights Project Zero’s contributions.

Valuing Thinking in the Arts
Why study the arts? Can the arts help us think? Does arts education have value for other areas of the curriculum? Ellen Winner shows how Project Zero is finding real answers to these often elusive and problematic questions.

How Are We Smart?
What does it mean to be intelligent? We now know that intelligence, far from being singular, innate and fixed, is in fact multifaceted and learnable. Flossie Chua shows that it’s much less important to measure intelligence than to understand how we can get it.

The Quest for Deeper Understanding
Education that focuses on factual recall leaves students without the skills they need to apply their knowledge. Tina Grotzer explains why depth of understanding is important and how it can be achieved.

Leveraging Culture with Ron Ritchhart
Reconsidering what schools are and what they aim to do has inspired the leader of Project Zero’s ‘Cultures of Thinking’ project to truly examine and understand what it is that creates the optimal conditions for learning. In this interview we learn more about what drives him.

Assessment Reimagined
What if there were an alternative to traditional notions of assessment and accountability that could change what ‘counts’ in the classroom? Mara Krechevsky and Tina Blythe show how Project Zero is rethinking assessment practices that foster deeper levels of learning and understanding.

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