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The Unexpected Power of Reading Conferences
Teaching students how to read for pleasure can be an elusive art, but Jori Krulder has found a way to get true engagement and development from readers of all abilities and interests.

Teaching Independence with Current Affairs
Using questions to stimulate critical thinking skills, an academy in Walsall is empowering students through a current affairs enrichment programme. Chloe Taylor shows how this cross-curricular approach is both popular and effective with her year 7 and 8 students.

Modelling for Success in Independent Learning
Sixth formers often struggle with managing to combine multiple sources in their research papers. Dr Andrew Shenton shares his Information/Writing Interaction Model to help them develop the skills needed for advanced independent research.

Three Ways to Improve our Disagreements
Is it morally wrong to eat a dog? How do you know? Steven Campbell-Harris looks at how our disagreements often stem more from our intuitions and feelings and shares some ways to help look at answering difficult questions.

Mobilising the Power of Imagination
Through his creative writing workshops, author James Hartley helps students develop their imaginations and broaden their thinking. Here he shares some prompts and strategies to support students’ creativity and thinking development.

Bringing DNA to Life in the Primary Years
Using visual, hands-on and cross-curricular techniques, Dr Mandy Hartley presents some inspiring ideas for engaging primary students in genetics and DNA.

Streaming Inspiration
Looking for an alternative to screen time that doesn’t involve reading? Check out our editor’s picks of some great podcasts that can support and challenge students’ learning.

Developing Mental Fluency with Numbers – Maths at KS 1
In our regular series on teaching the new curriculum, our maths expert Barbara Miller highlights some strategies for working with the KS1 number strand.

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