Emotional Literacy – Assessment and Intervention 11-16


By Adrian Faupel, Southampton Psychology Service

This Secondary pack helps identify the status of pupil’s emotional literacy and provides follow up activities for intervention where necessary.

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Also available as: Emotional Literacy 7-11

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Emotional Literacy 11-16 provides teachers, pupils and parents with a measure of a child’s emotional literacy, and offers ideas for intervention in the classroom and at home, helping to plan support for individual intervention programmes.

Emotional Literacy is able to assess and show children’s levels of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills Key areas as addressed in the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) curriculum. Through age appropriate activities and diagnostic tools, Teachers, SENCO’s, Educational Psychologists, Learning Mentors and Counsellors can understand and develop a pupil’s emotional literacy.

Interventions based on outcomes can positively enhance a pupil’s behaviour and learning and a facility for reassessment allows you to monitor progress and helps you to gauge the impact of intervention. The activities are presented either as paper based and/or user friendly, onscreen instructions via a CD-Rom with audio support and switch accessibility.

Includes: Teacher guidance book, pupil/teacher/parent questionnaire, intervention activities and CD-Rom.

Also available in Primary version: Emotional Literacy 7-11

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