Count Us In!


By Ruth Rowley, Sandra Garner,
Marjorie Thornley, Alison Forrest,
Hilary Standen and Jill Higginson

Spiral Bound
210 x 297mm
200 pages

These games for nursery and Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 children, aim to give practical and enjoyable experiences as a sound basis for    understanding, leading to successful and effective mathematics.


Topics covered include matching, ordering, patterns, counting, number bonds, mathematical language, shape and place value.

The basis for mathematical development is laid down in first experiences, so these games and activities are related to early mathematical ideas and concepts. By playing and replaying games, children can practise or reinforce skills and gain concepts in an enjoyable way. The enthusiasm shown by children, when playing maths games, enhances their attitude towards the subject. Also the relaxed atmosphere that usually accompanies games and activities provides opportunities for pupils to use and extend their mathematical language and encourages co-operation.

This book contains a wealth of mathematical ideas and activities, covering a wide range of learning goals at Key Stages 1 and 2.

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