Everyday Maths – Book 3


Real life contexts plus problem solving strategies

By Jane Bourke

Book 3 Yr 5/6
46 pages
Format: Paperback with CD
210 x 297mm

The idea of problem solving activities often conjures up images of numbers and objects that have no direct meaning for students other than teaching the basic problem solving strategies.

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The activities in these books are designed to present real life situations in which everyday problem solving and comprehension are required. The activities are based around a set of recurring characters that find themselves exposed to a range of real life problems that need to be solved; the sort of problems that students may one day encounter. Most pages include a challenge activity, usually an extension of the main problem, which will further consolidate comprehension skills. Included throughout the books are brainteaser pages that focus on a particular problem solving strategy, highlighted at the foot of the page. These brainteasers can be photocopied and individually glued onto card to create a set.

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