Tackling Numeracy Issues – 4


Book 4  – Solving Maths Word Problems

This book is the fourth in a series of seven by Caroline Clissold that have been specially designed to help improve the teaching of specific areas of numeracy.

Book 4 focuses specifially on mathematical word problems. The problems can be read aloud to the class or photocopied for individual pupil’s use.

This type of problem solving can help develop mental arithmetic and relationship skills and can prove useful for checking whether children have fully understood key mathematical concepts.

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By Caroline Clissold

Part of a series of seven books that has been specially designed to help teachers in areas that can be difficult to teach, including:

  • fractions and decimals
  • percentages, ratio and proportion
  • mathematical word problems
  • plenary sessions

This fourth book in the series focuses on maths word problems for KS1-2.

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