Timed Maths Problems Books 1


5, 10 and 15 minute problems

By Danny McCormick

Book 1 – KS2 Yr 4/5

Format: Paperback with CD
210 x 297mm
42 pages

These books contain a number of problem solving activities that have been arranged into three time frames according to how long the problems should take to solve: five, ten or fifteen minutes.

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Within the five and ten minute timeframes a range of problem solving strategies, with eight problems each, are used. The strategies include: Guess and Check, Making a List, Logical Reasoning, Find a Pattern, Working Backwards, Create a Diagram and Solving an Easier Version of the Problem. An explanation of each strategy is given at the beginning of each new strategy and an example is shown to illustrate how it can be applied. The fifteen-minute problem section is made up of a variety of problems where students must identify the appropriate strategy to use in order to provide a solution. The ‘task card’ layout of these books is ideally suited to a maths learning centre as the problems can be photocopied, cut, laminated and organised into appropriate boxes for students to choose, depending on the time they have available. This makes them ideal for early finishers, extension activities, and daily practice. The timing element of the tasks gives the opportunity to challenge students further but can be an optional component.

Book 2 presents a range of problem solving techniques in a gradually more complex way as each section of the book is encountered.

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