Beneath Your Feet

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By Jane Bayley

Full of original ideas this enlightening book encourages KS1 and KS2 pupils to take a new look at the Earth’s resources, especially soil and rocks.

Format: A4 Paperback plus CD

210 x 297mm
124 pages

Published: 2000


This series of study units and original ideas are cross curricular and have a strong emphasis on caring for the environment linked to both geography and science schemes of work enabling teachers to plan the curriculum effectively.

  • A thought provoking study of natural resources and the impact of urban living and industry
  • Experiments and investigations for children to try themselves, with health and safety reminders
  • Information on all aspects of soil, fossils and rocks as energy sources, and habitats and components of life on our planet
  • Lively illustrations, poems and songs, which reinforce key themes

With CD-ROM of environmentally themed songs!

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