Extra Helpings

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By Jon Kurta

This fun resource contains a series of eleven photocopiable maths investigations that children can work through as an enjoyable supplement to their regular class work.

Format: A4 Spiral Bound
210 x 297
57 pages


The problem-solving and investigative activities in Extra Helpings enable teachers to monitor children’s mathematical processing skills by guiding them through the processes involved in a typical investigation, which includes:

  • Making predictions
  • Recording systematically
  • Questioning
  • Communication and sharing information
  • Checking and extending tasks

Through appropriate questioning children will be encouraged to clarify goals, make sense of their recordings, look for patterns and explain their results. It is also the teacher who will need to develop a classroom environment that values the sharing of ideas and information and ensures that children do engage in meaningful mathematical activity. This book is the perfect guide.

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