Live Issues

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Drama strategies for personal, social and moral education

By Michael Littledyke

This resource includes over 30 imaginative dramas exploring a variety of issues, such as fairness, social choices, discrimination, sexual responsibility, religion, morality and environmental issues.

These are supported by:

  • A comprehensive exploration of drama across the curriculum
  • Detailed guidance for the teacher on how to tackle these issues with children of varied ability
  • Advice on teaching drama and techniques to use

Format: Spiral Bound
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194 pages



The dramas in Live Issues range from simple role plays developed from family life to elaborate dramas that can encompass the building of whole new worlds and bring in cross-curricular themes engaging children for many weeks.

Live Issues is a photocopiable workbook and a complete resource which provides teachers, even those with very little or no drama experience, with the means to use drama in different settings and with children of varying abilities and ages.

Sections on drama techniques and practical advice on teaching drama make this a resource for all teachers interested in tackling personal, social and moral issues with children.

Suitable for use with children age 6 -14 years

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