Maths Adventure Games – The Haunted School


By Alan Parr

Two ghosts must be coaxed to move to another school. This adventure focuses upon number activities, and is also designed to be usable in a staff meeting or INSET session to raise issues about what makes a good activity, the methods children use when working with numbers, etc.

The problem-solving theme is highly motivating and typically children will be genuinely excited as they progress through the adventure and eventually complete the final problem.

“It was very challenging but at the same time interesting. Superb, fabulous, brill, wicked and really fun.” Pupil

Format: Spiral Bound
210 x 297mm
28 pages


Each book in this series draws on the creative and interactive features of adventure games, and applies them to a series of exciting and imaginative learning exercises, based on a common theme or challenge.

Children have to undertake a number of math tasks to complete the games. The fun challenges are easy, straightforward and ideal for children at KS2 who find math difficult. The tasks represent good practice as encouraged by Non-statutory Guidance, HMI, OFSTED inspectors.

Completing the adventures takes a total of perhaps three hours, but many additional ideas are included for follow-up work. Suggestions are also included for using the adventures as staff development exercises for teachers and assistants.

Teachers often find specially impressive such factors as children’s extended commitment, high levels of persistence and achievement from pupils including the less able, and the opportunity to make observations of children in the process of solving problems.

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