Science Goes Pop! Project Plan


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By Crispin Andrews and the team at Creative Teaching and Learning

Children love films, TV shows and computer games, but how can we harness this enthusiasm in the classroom? Discover the links between science and popular culture with this series of cross-curricular activities and resources related to a range of films, video games and more.

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Children love films, TV shows, computer games and books. If you pick the right ones, they can also teach children a lot about the world. Or at the very least inspire kids to find out more.


Science, in particular, permeates popular culture – especially with the current popularity of superhero and dystopian genres. Of course, the writers use a great deal of creative licence in these films, TV shows, books and video games, but look past that and you’ll see links to a wide range of science topics.


This project aims to highlight some of those links. Although mainly science-based, the activities are cross-curricular in nature and can be used with pupils in Key Stages 2-4. A few activities are appropriate for use with younger children also.


Project Overview

Engineering, extinction and ethics
Activity 1: Extinct and endangered animals
Activity 2: The impact of extinction
Activity 3: Conservation or de-extinction?


Intelligent animals
Activity 4: Hyena focus project (and Savannah food web)
Activity 5a: Classifying animals (KS1/2)
Activity 5b: Classifying animals (KS2/3)
Activity 6: Intelligent animals
Activity 7: Our closest relatives?


The future of technology
Activity 8: Can Science give us utopia?
Activity 9: Futuristic fuels


Maths and science combined
Activity 10: Making mazes


Activity 11: Design a human


Early humans
Activity 12: What happens next? Writing a story
Activity 13: Timeline of human ancestors
Activity 14: How do we compare?
Activity 15: Caveman maths


‘Hairy man’ legends
Activity 16: Tracking the orang pendek
Activity 17: Mapping the mysteries
Activity 18: The missing link?


The resource packs that accompany each activity include detailed instructions, worksheets, information factsheets, research resources, PowerPoint presentations, images and more.


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