Science Words

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By Mike Fowler and Tony Wainwright

An enjoyable way to learn science vocabulary!

Confidence in using technical terms is essential for children’s progress in science. These enjoyable and meaningful activities will help children recognise and practice using the vocabulary common in science lessons.


Also available: Maths Words – Crossword puzzles to encourage the confident use of mathematical terms.


This collection of 38 photocopiable crossword puzzles reflects all aspects of the science curriculum and the puzzles are suitable for children at a range of ability levels.

Each crossword is presented in two forms. The first version includes a word list providing all the words needed to complete the puzzle; the second version has clues only, to provide a greater challenge.

Ideal for KS2 or as a revision activity for KS3, for classroom or homework applications. Solutions to all the puzzles are provided at the back of the book for teachers, helpers or parents.

Format: Paperback
210 x 297mm
80 pages

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