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Developed by Kieran Egan and the LiDKit Team

The LidKit is designed to help implement the Learning in Depth (LiD) programme. Students thoroughly explore a single topic during their school career, gradually becoming experts in this area of study. While the basic idea is quite simple, the implications of the programme for students, teachers and schools can be profound. Through this programme, students develop a love of learning, a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity about the world around them.


Designed for teachers who will be supervising the development of students’ LiD portfolios, this resource kit offers practical ideas for keeping students imaginatively engaged with their LiD topics.The LiDKit compiles materials for teachers who want to implement LiD in their classrooms or schools, as well as introduce LiD to other teachers, administrators and parents. LiD programmes have been implemented in Canada, the USA, Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. Children from all over the world have taken to the programme with great enthusiasm.

What is in the kit?

  • Implementing the Learning in Depth Program 112 page book
  • 5 x Learning in Depth: A Brief Guide for Parents/Guardians
  • 104 x activity cards for students
  • 2 x laminated list of LiD topics and criteria
  • 5 x ‘Seven Steps to Starting LiD’ brochure
  • 2 x ‘LiD Team Support Services’ brochure
  • DVD – Digital edition of Learning in Depth: A Simple Innovation that can Transform Schooling by Kieran Egan
  • DVD – Resources for Implementing the Learning in Depth Program
  • Photocopiable resource materials: templates, sample letters, digital copy of Learning in Depth: A Brief Guide for Teachers and Parents/Guardians, FAQs, starting questions for students, LiD activity topics etc.
  • Non-photocopiable resource materials: 5 x teachers accounts of implementing LiD, 2 x models for implementing LiD, 2 x brief videos and PowerPoint presentation about LiD.

The LiDKit was developed by Kieran Egan and his LiD Team, part of the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG) at Simon Fraser University, British Coloumbia, Canada. Kieran Egan is a professor of education at the Simon Fraser University and the author of several recent books, including Learning in Depth, The Educated Mind and The Future of Education.

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About the Author

Kieran Egan is a professor of education at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He has authored and edited over twenty books, many of which have been translated into European and Asian languages. His books include, Learning in Depth, The Educated Mind and The Future of Education.

Dr Egan’s work deals both with innovative educational theory and detailed practical methods whereby implications of the theory can be applied at the classroom level.


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