Prevent Pack: Who’s Running the Country?


By Kerrie Sharron

Teach the required British values and develop resilience, critical thinking and debate skills with ‘Who’s Running the Country?’, a major cross-curricular project exploring politics, democracy and power.

Suitable for teachers of citizenship, English, PSHE, geography and/or social studies at KS3 – and adaptable for use at both KS2 and 4.

Format: Mixed media pack


Meet the requirements of the new Prevent duty with ‘Who’s Running the Country?’, a major KS2-3 cross-curricular project exploring politics, democracy and power.

The pack will help you build your pupils’ resilience to extremism by:

  • Teaching British values such as democracy, rule of law and tolerance
  • Developing their ability to think critically, weigh evidence and make reasoned arguments
  • Promoting the value of individual liberty, diversity and respect

How does it work?

In this project, your class will create their very own country, before joining it on a journey of political and social unrest.

Through newspaper articles, leaflets, debates, forum theatre and scenario-based role-play, the pupils follow their country through a period of anarchy, a coup and a dictatorship. Next, pupils use their imaginations to become immersed in an underground revolutionary moment, which grows and grows, until the country experiences a full-blown revolution and finishes, finally, with elections and a democracy.

The final part of this project involves students creating their own ideal government, giving them the opportunity to apply their learning about values, processes and concepts from previous lessons and develop their own beliefs.

The project emphasises the importance of discussion, with the aim of increasing confidence, building political language, and developing a wide range of speaking skills. Assess how well your pupils meet this aim with the speaking skills assessment criteria included in the pack.

What do you get?

The pack includes:

  • A teacher’s manual
  • An extensive book of photocopiable resources and activity sheets, including assessment criteria
  • 2 x full colour posters (A3)
  • A CD of Powerpoint slides to accompany each lesson, plus other resources

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