Changing Children’s Minds


By Howard Sharron and Martha Coulter

Reuven Feuerstein’s work underpins almost all of current research and practice in thinking skills. This book is one of the few non-academic accounts of his work available in English.

Everyone concerned in the education of our children should consider this book required reading!

135 x 215 mm
381 pages


Changing Children’s Minds describes how Feuerstein developed his analysis of the common cognitive
deficiencies in children with learning difficulties, and provides a detailed explanation of the techniques,
which Feuerstein has developed to remedy those deficiencies.

Feuerstein’s commitment to a dynamic notion of intellectual potential as opposed to a static notion of fixed
hereditary intelligence has led him to a genuine revolution in educational psychology. As this book reveals,
he has shown that cognitive impairment can be reversed, that his programme of instrumental enrichment
is a highly effective substitute for mediated learning experience.

His ideas, now receiving recognition throughout the world, could prove of enormous benefit to the thousands
of children, victims of the rapid changes affecting every society, who are at present condemned to the label
of ‘slow learner’.

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