Famous Mathematicians

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Learning from the lives of key thinkers
By John Davis

This fascinating book combines the biographical details of ten famous mathematicians, including Eratosthenes, Blaise Pascal, Archimedes and Gottfried Leibniz,  with explanations of their theories, to provide an essential resource for teachers, and for parents/carers keen to try practical maths tasks with their children at home.

Format: Paperback
210 x 297mm
125 pages


The book contains:

  • Illustrated biographies of ten influential mathematicians, plus clear explanations of their theories and ideas
  • Photocopiable activities that focus on problem solving and investigation
  • Differentiated activities to support/extend individual groups
  • A list of key vocabulary and resources used
  • Cross-curricular links, including the history of ancient civilisations, science, philosophy and astronomy

Suggestions are made at the end of each chapter about how to support lower ability children and there are also ideas about extension work for those in the higher ability range.

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  • Famous Mathematicians


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