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Edited by Linda Evans

Listening is an important skill for everyone, particularly so in the school situation where so much information is given verbally. Yet many young people, who are bombarded with so much visual stimulus these days, seem to have under-developed listening skills and teachers sometimes despair of having to repeat instructions, or give an explanation three or four times!

Listening skills can be developed, but with some children these skills have to be taught and practised explicitly.

Format: A4 Spiral Bound plus CD
210 x 297mm
80 pages


Listen Up! Book 1 is an innovative book (with accompanying CD) full of activities that have been designed for use with individuals, small groups or whole classes of pupils in Key Stage 3 or at the top end of Key Stage 2.

Listen Up! contains twenty activities, each with photocopiable sheets for pupils and a script for the teacher/support assistant to read. A CD is also included, featuring recordings of five of the activities performed by professional actors, with music and sound effects to enrich the listening activity. These can also be used as a stimulus for creative writing.

A further 15 scripted activities can be read out in ‘real time’ by the teacher or classroom assistant, or recorded. A record sheet and certificate are provided in the book, to encourage pupils’ self-evaluation of their listening skills and help them in their personal target setting.

There are endless possibilities for using, adapting and extending the twenty activities to achieve a ‘best fit’ for children with a range of abilities.

Also available: Listen Up! Book 2

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