Learning to Listen – Book 2


Developing students’ ability to listen actively for sustained amounts of time
By Tania Mills

Book 2 Yr 3 – 4

Format: Paperback plus CD
210 x 297mm
62 pages

Good listening skills are vital to learning and to everyday life. Educational research shows a direct link between the ability to listen effectively, and measurable intelligence.


If we improve listening skills, we improve IQ. Yet though we often complain about students’ listening skills, do we apply focused teaching to improve them? The Learning to Listen series increases student ability to listen actively for sustained amounts of time.

Each book consists of 20 appealing, high interest stories, which are read to students. After listening to each story, students complete related listening comprehension questions which require students to retain specific information from the story to answer given questions. Activities can be completed as a class, in groups or individually.

Includes story titles, The Stowaway, The Hidden Cave, Swimming with Dolphins, Living with the Dinosaurs and many more together with lesson formats and extension ideas.

Don’t just talk about how students should learn to listen.
Do something about it!

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