Listen and Comprehend


By Marjory Woodfield

Format: Paperback plus CD
210 x 297 mm
40 pages

The National Curriculum states quite clearly that listening, speaking, reading and writing should be integrated. There is also a place to teach listening as an ‘isolated’ specific skill too and there should be opportunities for children to practice what they have learned in an integrated way.


This resource provides listening activities to develop and enhance students’ listening and understanding skills. In this book a set of instructions is given which the teacher reads aloud to the students. The students listen carefully and then draw onto their page what they hear and comprehend. The instructions build into a picture once each instruction is drawn.

The activities become increasingly difficult throughout the book but their ability to listen, remember and respond will continue to improve. These activities will challenge students, but with regular use will sharpen their ability to listen and comprehend.

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  • Listen and Comprehend