Think Like a Learner


By Diana Pardoe and Tom Robson

Here is a new practical workbook to help children acquire the language, skills and self awareness of successful learners.

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Format: Paperback
205mm x 265mm


Children’s ability to reflect on their own thinking – metacognition – is now recognised as critical to children becoming resilient and successful learners. This book asks children to involve themselves in key questions about learning and develops their self awareness as self-critical thinkers and learners. Ofsted has observed how children ‘really enjoyed learning’ in a school that used the guide-book.

Hundreds of schools and thousands of children have used the questions and ideas from the ‘Think Like a Learner’ approach and the authors have now turned them into a workbook for children aged 8-12.

The book can be purchased as a single copy, a class pack of 30, or as a bumper pack of 100 and get 10 FREE!

Children say:
“It’s good to be in the challenge zone and out of the comfort zone”.
“We understand that learning is our responsibility and that we have got to take part”.

Teachers say:
“The children are more divergent thinkers”.
“When faced with difficult tasks the children are more prepared to have a go and to take a risk”.

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About the Authors

Tom Robson
Tom has a passion for teaching and an ambition to help all children and adults see learning as something that can enhance their lives and bring great pleasure.

He has taught in all phases (FS 2 to postgraduate institutions) worked all over the world giving advice to schools as far as China, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States. His experience ranges from being an NPQH trainer, OFSTED inspector, helping set up new schools, Headteacher mentor and appraiser, Senior Local Authority adviser.

Tom’s great interest is in the science of learning and the impact neurotransmitters have on our capacity to learn. He works in schools all over the UK helping them understand the science of learning and its impact on teaching and learning quality.

Di Pardoe
Diana is passionate about learning and believes that every child should be enabled to experience personal learning success. Following her role as Deputy Head teacher in a large primary school in Bristol, she worked for several years for Bristol LA leading many courses and projects focused on the development of effective Assessment for Learning. She then spent five years as a learning coach with Excellence in Cities Action Zone in South Bristol where she did the initial research which led to the publication of her book ‘Towards Successful Learning’ (2nd edition published 2009). Diana has taught all ages from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4.

She is now an independent education consultant trainer and continues to teach learners of all ages; this is where she continues to develop her own understanding about learning!


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