Four Times Harder

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By Miranda Preston, with Jill Hayes and Mick Randal

As students with dyslexia enter further and higher education, colleges and universities are faced with challenges concerning access, provision and support.

Six readable case studies form the core of the book and the author also talks about the Learning Support Unit she set up and managed, that helped these six students, and how such a unit works.

Format: Paperback
Published: 1996


Dyslexic children often grow up to be survivors of education. As one says, education is “four times harder” for dyslexics.

Four Times Harder looks at the experiences of six students, highlighting their individual problems and the strategies used to help them succeed.

Everyone with an interest in the education of  dyslexic children and young people will find something of value in this readable book. It is particularly aimed at teachers, tutors and career advisors, and at lecturers in further and higher education. Dyslexic students and their families will also find useful practical information as well as inspiration in the stories of others’ successes.

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