Radical Encouragement


Creating Communities For Learning


By Steve Williams & Rupert Wegerif


Radical Encouragement is an approach to creating positive cultures for learning in schools and communities. It combines dialogue, encouragement, philosophical enquiry, coaching and the teaching of thinking skills. The principles of Radical Encouragement are illustrated by the inspiring work of
N-RAIS (Northumberland Raising Aspirations in Society), an independent organisation working with teachers, learners, parents and community groups.


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The N-RAIS project, and the strategies developed within it are relevant to all initiatives that aim to foster independent learning, thinking skills and emotional resilience.
The long term aim of the N-RAIS project is ‘to help young people become more intelligent, confident and emotionally balanced in order to recognise, pursue and achieve their potential’.
‘N-RAIS had a huge effect on my teaching and the way I teach my class. My pupils are better able to learn independently, they ask better questions, they give more complete answers and they talk about learning with their peers. It makes me realise how much more they can learn than I had previously assumed.’

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