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All children deserve a fair and equal chance in life. Everyone would subscribe to that. The trouble is, they often don’t get it.

Aspirations may be high, policies well-intentioned, but to those professionals working on the ground, delivering services to meet the needs of disadvantaged children on a shoestring, the gap between the ambitions we have for all children and the practicalities of delivering it has never seemed so daunting.

Yet there is good practice out there which joins up services, which identifies the problems that children face before they reach crisis point.

Every Child Journal is an e-magazine which explores these territories, sharing best practice, new policy making and research. We highlight evidence-based practice, new trends to help professionals find their way in a rapidly changing world.

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We are delighted to welcome Sonia Blandford, founder of the UK’s largest special needs charity, Achievement for All, as editor of Every Child Journal. 

The charity is devoted to raising aspirations and improving outcomes for all children, regardless of their background, the challenges they face, or the needs they may have. The team here at Every Child Service are proud to be working with a charity so dedicated to improving outcomes for the most vulnerable children.

About Every Child Service

The Every Child Service includes: Every Child Journal and Every Child Updates.

The Every Child Journal is a practice e-journal for professionals seeking to improve the life-outcomes of disadvantaged children.

We feature expert advice on implementing SEN reform, as well as authoritative information on safeguarding, behaviour, pupil welfare, emotional well-being and pastoral concerns.

Some of the themes have been around for a while – inter-agency working is still a major challenge. Safeguarding in school, managing behaviour, community schools and free schools are all rich areas for understanding. Plus, how is neuroscience helping our understanding of children’s development? Can pastoral care provide the bridge between education and build up the sense of self children need in order to make the most of their lives?

Every Child Journal responds to these issues. Alongside a termly email newsletter, Every Child Update, the 6 new issues per year provide:

  • Advice on recognising learning, care and physical problems and conditions
  • Evidence of effective interventions
  • Co-operative good practice between agencies
  • Legal advice on as information sharing and safeguarding
  • Research that can help professionals support individual children at risk.

In fact, every edition of the e-journal will have a good mix of longer articles that can dig deeper into each issue, as well as shorter pieces that give clear, straightforward advice and help you respond quickly to challenges.

This means that Every Child Service will give you a single source of expertise, where you can access a growing stock of clear, readable advice that answers the pressing challenges that real schools are experiencing.

Every Child Update

FREE termly report, as part of your Every Child Service

Every Child Update is a termly email newsletter for practitioners to help keep up-to-date with issues surrounding vulnerable children. It features news, report summaries, training programmes and comment from leading experts in the field.

The update will not only brief you on the latest research and important changes to government policy. It will also provide inspiration – from practitioners who have used multi-agency working and imaginative projects to change children’s life chances.


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