How Children Learn: Book 2


By Linda Pound

An overview of theories on children’s literacy, linguistics and intelligence.

Format: Paperback
210 x 295
90 pages


An ideal introduction to the ideas that have shaped modern education from the best-selling author of How Children Learn. This sequel to the best-selling How Children Learn gives an overview of the major questions in educational theory such as:

    • How do children learn to read, write and even speak?
    • How do you measure intelligence?
    • What does that mean?
    • A discussion on the value of creativity

These complex questions are summarised in Linda Pound’s easy-to-read prose, with each chapter containing succinct critiques of each theory, as well as where to look to find out more.

How Children Learn Book 2 provides an overview of the classical ideas on education as well as changes in educational reform during the 20th century – from the humanist and de-schooling movements to current government policy and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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