Intelligent Learning

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The Dialogue of Active Minds
By Steve Williams


Format: DVD/CD

Help your teachers to promote curiosity, independent thinking, good dialogue and thinking skills in your key stage 2 and 3 pupils.

Intelligent Learning is delivered over six, half-hour long, training sessions. Each session addresses how schools can change pedagogy to start addressing the issues of motivation and becoming a thinking and learning community.

Every session shows examples of teachers working with Year 4, 5, 8 and 9 classes. This is an ideal for after-school training or training days.


The central theme of the course is to give students the skills to ask more and searching questions. …it’s the questioning skills, not of the teacher but of the student that really count in developing their cognitive abilities and engagement.
Their questions dominate the learning agenda and the ownership of learning follows.

At the end of the course teachers will have the skills and practical strategies to:

  • Facilitate more and more sophisticated student questioning
  • Support children in using concepts to organise their thinking
  • Manage dialogue and discussion to develop children’s ideas
  • Plan lessons and study programmes that promotes questioning dialogue
  • Create communities of inquiry in their classroom

In the pack are:

  • Six half hour videos on DVD
  • Supporting guides for each video, written by programme users in schools
  • A CD of supporting articles and materials to stimulate professional development and curriculum design

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