Improving Concentration Skills


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By Mike Lake and Marjorie Needham

This resource offers a structured programme for working with children individually, which aims to help them:

  • To listen better
  • To be able to concentrate
  • To learn to focus on what is relevant
  • To improve their reasoning
  • To learn to see and to make connections – and to transfer what they learn from the programme into all their learning

Format: CD


Why can some children pay attention to a noisy animated cartoon or concentrate on a video game for long periods of time, but are apparently unable to focus on school activities for more than a few seconds?

The question for teachers is how to define the nature of children’s attention problems.

Divided into three sections that focus on sequences, similarities and differences, and parts and wholes, the Improving Concentration Skills programme provides word cards for visual and verbal exercises.

Used with children of a range of ability at Key Stage 1 and 2, the programme is a simple but powerful way of helping a child towards a new understanding.

Improving Concentration Skills can used on its own or to work alongside:

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